Best PUBG Players in the world Coffin RRQ D2E, Soul Mortal



Bawonchai Han otherwise known as RRQD2E is a 23 year old boy from bangkok,Thailand he is increasingly well known by the name of D2E Bawonchai is authoritatively an individual from one of the top PUBG Mobile group -RRQ

D2E utilises 4 finger claw technique and is known for his short proximity battle aptitudes. He is otherwise called the destructive individual from RRQ. The aptitude and reflexes of this 23 year old boy are mind boggling .At the point when the group has such professionals players winning a competetion turns out to be simple .D2E has been a hero player in numerous season he likewise hold a generally excellent kd performance.

2.Athena Gaming

Serioton otherwise known as Athena Gaming is from south korea who plays pubg mobile in FPP/TPP mode .Serioton likewise has a youtube channel where he ordinarily stream live PUBG Mobile streams .Athena gaming is best known for his killing abilities and short proximity fights he is well known due to his star level gaming abilitys

From whatever costrained we knows he isnt formally an individual from any esports group as more often then not,he is seen playing solo matches He is the most well known youtube streamer and PUBG Mobile player from KOREA


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