PUBG Mobile is one of the most beloved games in India and a very popular mobile multiplayer video game world-wide.

Game’s creator group is performing regular attempts and all the needed hard function to offer the best item in marketplace and also to stay as people’s preferred.

Free Season 11 Royale Pass

To keep carefully the player’s fascination with game, the developing community offers many great personality skins and weapon and vehicle skins in game.

Though mostly of them are paid and highly priced and simple players like school/college students can’t afford it. But from time to time, there comes events and missions in game which you can complete and get rewarded with premium skins and clothes for your character.

Entry Match Chicken Dinner Method

This right time PUBG is promoting a mobile application to its game users, the application is called WeGame

WeGame is a mobile game booster normally desgined for PUBG specially, it increases the cell Memory and offers best in video game knowledge.
The application is named as “WeGame for PUBG Cell – Public Booster&Free of charge Gift”.

Means it is public booster from PUBG Cell community and using it will praise you as public in video game skins and many more items.
PUBG officialy tweeted the announcement and asked the game users to download and install the booster.

Rewards which the users can get from regular utilization of the booster are-

2) FREE Coupon crate

3) Free premium crate
4) Royal pass points


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