Royale Pass Season 11 Features and new outfits details in Pubg Mobile

Royale Pass Season 11 Features and new outfits details in Pubg Mobile

Royale Pass 11 Update Features and Review-


in the Royale pass season 11 accompanies most recent new best update. right now , skins, outfits and numerous new things update.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update is turning out starting January 9 and brings the Royale Pass Season 11 named Operation Tomorrow with another Domination mode. Tencent devs have incorporated the new mode after much conspicuousness of the Domination mode on Call of Duty Mobile.

Nearby this, the new update similarly conveys another vehicle to the battleground with a ton of improvements to the Royale Pass. Here’s a short look in regards to what players can envision.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update: What’s new?

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update familiarizes Domination mode with the battle royale title with another field map called “Town.” Here, players will be isolated into blue or red gatherings to get two bases out of three. The gathering that can get the most outrageous number of bases first victories the round.

At this moment, will in like manner have the choice to find a workable pace Crates that contain super weapons, for instance, RPG rocket launcher, touchy launcher and rocket among others.

Players will in like manner find some new security incorporates and download status attaches after they have revived their PUBG Mobile to the latest 0.16.5 adjustment.

The new update also brings another arrangement map reliant on the Warehouse map, where players can practice any weapons from PUBG Mobile’s munititions stockpile.


The Royale Pass Season 11 is themed Operation Tomorrow which incorporates “present day” outfits, things and new missions with compensations.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update furthermore joins a Light Snowmobile that produces exclusively on the Vikendi map. The light snowmobile has space for two and is speedier than the typical snowmobile. Consequently, it takes hurt even more adequately.

New Skins-

Moreover, the update similarly changes the mischief pace of Groza from 48, down to 45. This is pertinent to missions of the Royale Pass Team Arena. The game will in like manner license players to look at their specific estimations and highlights as Season Recap.

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